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Digital Transformation Experts!

“Business at the Speed of Paper”, is quickly becoming extinct!  The “Digital Transformation Movement” has created a “Period of Disruption” within industry, as business leaders attempt to bring disparate applications together into cohesive solutions that achieve business value.  Change “Disruption” to “Opportunity”  by working with the Experts!

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Content Management

A viable and robust ECM Platform is a critical component in any organizations quest for improvement through Digitization!

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Data Capture & Sharing

Data is powerful and how it is captured should not be overlooked.  Experience pays!


Line of Business Integration

Imagine a world where the line of business software platform you use today is directly integrated with your document repository!  Or where manual data entry is greatly reduced or eliminated!

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Process Improvement

We hold to “Business Process Management” through the utilization of relevant technology! The implementation of LEAN, Six-Sigma, or other process improvement initiatives which do not utilize current technology are half measures to be avoided.


The Paperless Office

Whether this is a stated goal for your organization or still a topic of curiosity, we can help! Navigating this road without direction carries a high probability of finding you lost, fragmented, and confused. Don’t go it alone!

Why Simply Paperless?

We have a “General Contractor Mindset”.  A BPM (Business Process Management) implementation is much like a construction project.  They come in all shapes and sizes depending on the needs and desires of the client.  A small outbuilding can be constructed by a single entity whereas a 5-bedroom home with a pool involves various complementary experts or “Subs”.  Few would attempt to manage the various subject matter experts involved in building a home, but many try to tackle a similar scenario when building a complex software solution.  We’ve taken the time to build these complementary relationships.  We’ve learned the deliverables and limitations through experience.  When we say, “We can” - we can.  When we perceive a limitation to what current technology can produce, we don’t’ avoid it, we highlight it.  But the biggest reason to choose Simply Paperless?  We have found our passion!


Brian Maegly

Warranty Administrator
Zimmer Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge

"After understanding our needs, Mitch created a customized paperless process that saves us time and money."


Ester Gonzales

Loan Underwriter
Meyer Mortgage Corporation

“…Once we switched over to Simply Paperless, our scanning process went from scanning five or six files a week to at least that many in only one day!”


Lindsi Truee Pflederer

Assistant Controller
Parallel Products

“I would highly recommend Mitch! He delivers a high quality product that exceeds what he promised!”

Business Efficiency With SimplyPaperless

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