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Presented By: ThreatShield Security and 13 Layers

Date and Time: Tuesday, April 6th 2:00pm

Due to COVID concerns this event has been changed to a virtual event.  Your registration will generate a link to the event upon approval!

Join us to hear about the most cutting edge and comprehensive cybersecurity platform on the market today


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.


  • True inline prevention for the whole network including BYOD and IoT devices.

  • How we block 100% of bad traffic coming in or out.

  • Our Unique SIEM that provides live threat detection.  I’m betting you didn’t know that was a thing

  • How we can show you the data that your firewall is currently missing


We wont be talking about how to recover from a ransomware attack, we’ll be talking about stopping a ransomware attack!

We wont be just talking about spending money.  We’ll also be talking about saving money!

  • No false positives – our proactive strategy improves your security posture and prevents the chasing of false positives

  • We’re offering fully managed security so there’s no need for analysts or engineers to monitor, detect, or research

  • Vendor reduction is likely through the elimination of ineffective solutions and complex integrations

  • Removing the bad traffic will increase network bandwidth by 10%-20% on average

  • Our simplified model has no ad hoc billing for overages, upgrades, and includes no other hidden costs.


The FBI recently reported a 400% increase in cyberattacks with Ransomware attacks up 200% . As attacks become more frequent, more expensive, and more sophisticated, it is crucial to have full-service cybersecurity. 


threatSHIELD is the only leading full-service cybersecurity option with in-line real-time protection that stops Ransonware and Malware before entering your network.


threatSHIELD Security – What’s in Your Network?

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